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Istanbul Today Tour

1. The walk along the Bosphorus — only during this walk and standing on the deck of a ship, swimming along the most beautiful strait of Eurasia, you will see the houses of millionairs and hoses-islands, palaces and castles of sultans. In Turkey they say: «If you feel sad, go towards the Bosphorus» . Dispel your saddness for years in advance – go to Istanbul.

2. Driving along the quay of the Bosphorus — Along this strait the city wall of Istanbul is spread, to the gates of which prince Oleg had hammered his shield. Along the Bosphorus the bands of modern roads of Istanbul are spread. The richest people of the world buy houses along the Bosphorus, where the sultans and emperors were settling. The Bosphorus is the axis, on which Istanbul is spinning. Everyone should drive it at least once in his life.

3. Bebek district — in Turkey they say: as beautiful as a baby. A baby is «bebek». The district, named Bebek is really one of the most beautiful in Istanbul. The place, chosen by sultans for the Guards, today is famous with its facilities: cafes, bars, and restaurants. Bebek ignites till the morning.

4. Etiler district - one of the largest shopping centers of Europe - «Akmerkez» is situated in one of the most prestigeous districts of Istanbul — Etiler. Not everyone can see the luxury of Istanbul and take advantage of its usability. But you will have this opportunity.

5. District Ulus and park Ulus — The island of comfort and peace among the giant and constantly moving Istanbul — park Ulus. A small and one of the most beautiful parks of the city, it is situated almost at the coast of the strait. Here you will stay in order to have rest.