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Ottoman Conquerors Tour, Istanbul

1. Suleimaniye mosque (the tomb of Roksolana and the Sultan) — she was the daughter of a modest priest from the western Ukraine. He was the master of the half of Eurasia. It seemed that they should not have met, but the destiny decided otherwise. Roksolana — the first Slavic woman — the favourite wife of the Turkish sultan. The mosque Suleimaniye was built for her — the temple that can compete with the beauty of Hagia Sophia .

2. The walk along the Bosphorus — only during this walk and standing on the deck of a ship, swimming along the most beautiful strait of Eurasia, you will see the houses of millionairs and houses-islands, palaces and castles of sultans. In Turkey they say: «If you feel sad, go towards the Bosphorus» . Dispel your saddness for years in advance – go to Istanbul.

3. Egyptian Bazaar — Spicery and medicinal herbs of the Orient . The abundance that makes your head spin . Not the largest one, but the most variegated and merry market of Istanbul — Egyptian bazaar. As well as three hundred years ago, herbs and spicery are brought here from Egypt.

4. Summer palace Beylerbeyi — English king Edward VIII, the emperor of Austria Franz Jozeph I, empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleo, the shah of Iran — Nasreddin, and.. you. Yes, you can get into a company with their majesties. How? As well as they, to become the guest of the palace of the coast of the Bosphorus, the Beylerbeyi palace. Feel the tenderness and luxury of sultans' life, visit Beylerbeyi.

5. The observation point on the hill Yeditepe — Not far from this hill millionairs settle . The house of the «Ramstor» shops' network owner is situated not far from the hill Yeditepe. And the hill has an observation area, from which you can enjoy the most beautiful view to the Bosphorus. Present the Bosphorus to yourself — ascend Yeditepe .

6. The military museum (the performance of the Janissaries' orchestra in 16:00) — The helpless blue-eyed children, taken away from their crying mothers by the ruthless warriors of of the sultans. The intractable young men that were taught only to fight and to serve to Porta. In Istanbul you can see the history of the «Ottoman military force» from the olden times till the 19th century and listen to the orchestra of this guards.