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The Luxury of Sultans Tour, Istanbul

1. Suleimaniye mosque (the tomb of Roksolana and the Sultan) — she was the daughter of a modest priest from the western Ukraine. He was the master of the half of Eurasia. It seemed that they should not have met, but the destiny decided otherwise. Roksolana — the first Slavic woman — the favourite wife of the Turkish sultan. The mosque Suleimaniye was built for her — the temple that can compete with the beauty of Hagia Sophia .

2. Dolmabahce palace — The palace, the luxury of which can compete with Versailles, its prestige — with Westminser Abbey. The last shelter of the Ottoman sultans, Dolmabahce, strikes witgh its luxury even the seasoned tourists. The pictures of Aivazovsky, gold, the pianos of the 19th century and the arms, encrusted with precious stones — only the small part of Dolmabahce luxury.

3. The walk along the Bosphorus — only during this walk and standing on the deck of a ship, swimming along the most beautiful strait of Eurasia, you will see the houses of millionairs and houses-islands, palaces and castles of sultans. In Turkey they say: «If you feel sad, go towards the Bosphorus» . Dispel your saddness for years in advance – go to Istanbul.