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Two Continents Tour, Istanbul

1. Hippodrome square — The younger brother of the Roman hippodrome – Istanbul hippodrome is smaller only that the Roman one. The Roman, Byzantium, Ottoman, and Egiptian empires — these are not the squares of a single hippodrome.

2. Hagia Sophia — The main sanctuary of the Orthodox christians – the church, built a thousand years before the San Pietro temple in Rome. The font, in which the first christian woman in Europe — princess Olga, adopted Christianity, Byzantine mosaics, and the dents in the floor of the temple, made by the feet of the emperors' guard – you will see it in the fourth by size church of the world - Hagia Sophia. Underground cistern Yerebatan — a temple with 300 columns, built under the ground, was fiiled with water during the Turks' rule. Now there are giant carps swimming between the heads of the Medusa, cut from marble during the reign of Roman emperors, in the Yerebatan cistern.

3. Blue Mosque — No one, except sultans, has the right to build mosques with four minarets. In the capital of the Muslim world — Mecca, there is one with five minarets.. The Ottoman sultan challenges the very Mecca, and in Istanbul appears a mosque... with six minarets! This is the Blue Mosque of Istanbul...

4. Topkapi palace — from here the magnificent sultans were ruling the fields of the empire, spread in Europe and Asia, in the East and the West. Topkapi palace is the tresury of Istanbul. Today you can also admire the brilliance and greatness of Porta.

5. Egyptian Bazaar — Spicery and medicinal herbs of the Orient . The abundance that makes your head spin . Not the largws one, but the most variegated and merry market of Istanbul — Egyptian bazaar. As well as three hundred years ago, the herbs and spicery is brought here from Egypt.

6. The walk along the Bosphorus — only during this walk and standing on the deck of a ship, swimming along the most beautiful strait of Eurasia, you will see the houses of millionairs and hoses-islands, palaces and castles of sultans. In Turkey they say: «If you feel sad, go towards the Bosphorus» . Dispel your saddness for years in advance – go to Istanbul.

7. The observation point on the hill Yeditepe — Not far from this hill the millionairs settle . The house of the «Ramstor» shops' network owner is situated not far from the hill Yeditepe. And the hill has an observation area, from which you can enjoy the most beautiful view to the Bosphorus. Present the Bosphorus to yourself — ascend Yeditepe.