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Ski resorts in Turkey


It is the most popular mountain resort in Turkey, located very close to Bursa city and in two-hour drive from Istanbul. Just imagine: a couple of hours, and you're not in city anymore, but under the clouds, on the magnificent snowy peaks ... But, of course, Uludağ is not only beauty and views. This place is the skiing sport center in the country, and one of the best resorts in Europe. 

The name Uludağ reminds us that there are mountains. In Turkish “Uludağ” means “a big mountain”. The fact that it is big can be observed till approaching the heights of the resort, perfectly visible for tens and even hundreds of kilometers from afar ... Uludağ is the highest mountain in Anatolia, and it stands in the middle of its plateau, like Olympus. By the way, we remembered this famous mountain in Greece not by accident. The father of European literature, Homer, has compared the magnificent Uludağ with Olympus mountain, when he still had his sight, during his journey here. And Homer wrote that deities of Achilles Greek pantheon, while sitting on a mountain of Uludağ, were looking at the violent assault of Troy by soldiers.

Today in Uludağ there are no gods, but it has many tourists. This resort offers the best routes, great lifts, and excellent infrastructure, which makes Uludağ very popular among the fans of skiing sport. The season opens here in December (although, the snow is throughout the year here.). Some statistics. In Uludağ there are 14 lifts, 9 chair lifts and 5 ski lifts. Three-level rise. The simplest "blue" routes of Uludağ pass through beautiful pine forests. Because of this, you will never feel strong wind, and you can ski at any weather. Second level routes pass along a gentle slope. Finally, the most challenging route for professionals – sooner or later you will become a professional in Uludağ - passes along a steep slope, and then goes through the forest. There are fourteen certified routes in Uludağ. The height of the routes above sea level - from one half to two and a half kilometres. The longest descent – three kilometres. 

Thanks to all this, Uludağ, as skiing resort, perfectly matches for both, novice and experienced skiers, and in general, is an ideal place for family holidays. For the guests of the hotel lift from the hotel is free. Even if you decide to purchase a ticket to another platform, it will not cost you more than a hundred dollars a month. Fantastically cheap! In Uludağ you can find: mountain riding school, discos, bars, swimming pools, entertainment and, of course, night clubs.

The location of Uludağ deserves an additional description. Uludağ is a part of National Park. Variety of flora and fauna, ecologically clean places, pure air, and an incredible amount of flowers on the mountain meadows covered with snow... Finally, simply amazing abundance of birds, which have chosen the resort as one of the cleanest and quietest places in mountain area of Turkey.